About us

We are a Portuguese family company based in Northern Portugal, which is specialized in the precision machining for small series. Thanks to our experience in various industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, robotics and biomedical ones, we are able to work with many types of materials:

Our Philosophy

Total Commitment to the Customer

At Kywa the customer is always the highlight. We believe that a close relationship with our customers is one of the main vectors of our partnerships’ success. Therefore, we have shaped our activity in a way, that leads us to have a personalized and qualitative service for our partners.

No minimum order quantities

We develop our company according to the needs of our customers, which has led us to privilege quality over quantity. We are specialists on the production of small series that require a strict quality service.


We are driven by the desire to develop a quality service. For that, the main bases of our action are the precision of the production and the ability to control. We have built up a team of professionals, who are focused and prone to go into the detail, aiming at excellence and firmness in the control of every piece produced by Kywa.

Compliance with deadlines

Given the importance of delivery times for our customers, its compliance and transparency are a principle within our company.  
This focus is represented by the company’s export history, since we havent recorded delays in the last two years of activity
(2017 and 2018).

Why Kywa?

Total Commitment to the Customer

We are committed to develop a close relationship with our clients through costumer care and other personalized services.

Rigorous Quality Control

We invest in the careful selection of qualified employees and in the development of a rigorous control process which benefits all the pieces produced.

Compliance with Deadlines

The management of delivery times
is one of our top priorities.

Development of small series

We are specialists in the development of unit parts and small series that require a high-quality level.


CNC Milling

We are equipped with CNC milling centres: we perform the machining of pieces with a maximum dimension of 1000x800x600

Global manufacturing solutions

In order to best assist our customers, we develop global manufacturing solutions, with an internal seal of control and approval.


Rua Manuel Sousa Oliveira, Nº 83/85
4795-476 Campo (São Martinho)
Santo Tirso · Portugal
Telephone: (+351) 252 843 276
Email: info@kywa.pt 
Comercial Department
Pedro Pereira
+351 914 453 462
Production Department
Tiago Pereira
+351 912 572 511
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